A vineyard in north Wales? Award winning wines in Conwy? Surely not. But it is true.

A thoroughly interesting 2 hour guided tour will enlighten you as to why there is a vineyard and why award winning wine: good soil; right selection of grapes; careful or not so careful pruning of the vines; south facing land; micro climate; control of pests; volunteer help; and a history lesson.

The result: two interesting white wines; a rose; a red; a sparkling wine; and an array of awards.

I am tempted to say, " Didn't he do well in such a short time." Colin, that is. The MC for the tour. He will reveal his secrets and more.

A pleasant and interesting experience concluding with sampling of wine and local cheeses if you so desire. We had the cheese. Delicious.

I am going back to monitor the progress, support local wine making and buy some more wine.

Excellent afternoon.

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